5. ‘For Good’

A year-end card created using a part of the lyrics from <For Good>,  a number from the musical <Wicked>, as a motif.
‘Like a comet pulled from orbit as it passes the sun’,
Thinking of the people who came into our lives by mutual attraction, and 
‘Like a seed dropped by a sky bird in a distant wood’,
Temporarily parting to advance into tomorrow, Cherishing the numerous people for whom we are grateful and hold dear.

뮤지컬 <Wicked>의 넘버인 <For Good>의 가사 중 일부를 모티프로 연말 엽서를 만들었습니다
‘태양에게 이끌리는 작은 혜성처럼’ 서로를 끌어당겨 만나게 되기도 하고
‘바람에 실려 날아간 씨앗들처럼‘ 내일로 나아가기 위해 잠시 헤어지게도 된
수많은 고맙고 애틋한 사람들을 떠올리며.

Postcard ‘Comet’  / 150×100 mm / Riso print on paper
Postcard ‘Seed’  / 150×100 mm / Riso print on paper